Liberal and Democratic Israel is under attack. This attack is orchestrated and well funded. But there are many Israelis   who aren't willing to give up on their home. There are those who aren't willing to give up on Peace loving Israel, on the   democratic, fair and just Israel. These Israelis are us: Mehazkim


We tend to forget this, but Zionism was one of the most revolutionary movements in world history. Zionism took the Jewish people and made a tremendous change - in the language they spoke, in the land in which they lived, in their self perception, in in their political and social outlook.
Zionism succeeded, against all odds, to create a Jewish and Democratic state in Israel. Do you know how many national movements like Zionism appeared in history? And how many of them were as successful?

But today it seems we don't remember that. We live in a reality of fear, incitement, oppression, and hate. Instead of focusing on what we can build in this country, we focus on the negative. Instead of reaching high, we think about surviving for a while longer. Instead of making the impossible happen, we spend our days complaining anout political spins by corrupt politicians. We've forgotten how to be inspired by small acts of kindness, and how to rage over big acts of injustice. We don't thinks anymore in terms of justice or morality, only in gains and loss.

We've become accustomed to think small, But it doesn't have to be that way.
The history of the jewish people is comprised of big acts - Zionism, the founding of Israel, the building of our country - from nothing - all these things happened because we weren't afraid to think outside the box, the break boundaries.
Our society is built on revolution. It's time we remember this legacy. It's time that like the mothers and fathers of Zionism, us, Democratic and liberal Israeli it's time we reinvent ourselves.

We've become accustomed to think small, but it doesn't have to be that way

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The democratic liberal camp has to reinvent himself. But we first have to fight for what we believe in. We have to put an end to the situation where people are afraid to express their opinions, where peace-loving Israelis feel alone and afraid.
The Mehazkim movement brings thousands of Israelis together, and moves them to fight for democratic, liberal Israel.
Together we fight the conservative movement, together we stand with our elected officials, with artists and academics, with public figures - with everyone who is under attack.
Mehazkim runs the most successful media project in Israel's Progressive camp, reaching millions of people every month.


Mehazkim offers to fight for our country

Telling our stories

The Mehazkim community operates  "Hashkafa",  the news center for the progressive  camp in Israel. WIth stories which  evade under the radar of the mainstream  newspapers, due to commercial and political  interests. "Hashkafa" aspires to tell our stories -  with no censors or filters.

Building and Activating a community

Mehazkim has specialized in the mass moving  of crowds throughout the web, for targeted acts  of protest with a massive public effect. We have   a community of thousands, a strong public   who holds our values, and is willing to work for   the democratic camp.

Social media work

Mehazkim's Facebook page is one of the most   successful in Israel. We reach over 2 million  Israelis, and gain more than 2 million video   views - EVERY MONTH.

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My name is Ori Kol. I'm 25, from Tel Aviv. I founded Mehazkim because I  realized that if me and my friends won't take responsibility over our country, no one will. If we won't fight for this country's morals, character, and its future, we'll be thrown out. When I look at Israel I see one of the most revolutionary societies in the world, and I want to bring back what it lost. I want to remind Israel that it can be democratic, liberal, fair and decent. I want to create an Israel that fights for peace and freedom.

Mehazkim was founded because it had to. We do what others won't. We reach millions with our content - because no one else is. We bring thousands of activists together for focused acts of protest - because no else is. We tell our stories, through our communities and with them, in an attempt to influence the Israeli discourse - because no one else is good enough. With limited resources, using new technological tools, we've built a powerful force in in the political and public sphere. Mehazkim started as a facebook group, evolved into a committed community, and now it's a fast moving hard hitting player.

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Want to fight for a liberal democratic Israel? Join us now.

I am willing to receive messages and commercial info through email or sms

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